Marina Lazaris


Seasoned coach, thought leader and author with over 20 years of experience

Known for unravelling the complexities of personal and professional relationships with a refreshing touch of light-heartedness and straight-talking simplicity.

Specialized in helping creative individuals and businesses become a magnetic force by:

Reigniting the magic and momentum.

Finding peace, growth and true alignment.

Leading courageously from the heart.

But, this wasn’t always the case…

My journey has had its’ fair share of turbulence and adversity. I’ve been in the spots you might find familiar:

  • I had all society’s ingredients for the picture perfect life. But it felt empty on the inside.
  • I ticked all the boxes I could to drive success in corporate. But the success wasn’t fulfilling me.

Lost in the conflicting web of ‘how to win in life’, I looked for answers everywhere but within. I didn’t understand that the missing piece is something you are, not something you do.

So, how did I get to where I am now?

  • 20 years in a corporate career spanning senior sales, training and development
  • Pursued professional acting throughout
  • Studied psychodynamic counselling
  • Accreditation in mindfulness and hypnosis
  • Qualified as a Certified Co-Active Coach

The common thread in my journey?

I’ve spent every day of my career recognizing the needs of the audience in front of me – connecting to what makes them tick. I’ve developed a knack for finding the treasure in every tale, and a firm belief that every person can have a spotlight in this world.

My training, extensive experience and positive approach has meant that I’ve led entrepreneurs, creatives, CEOs and many more to authenticity, success and their fullest potential. I’ve reintroduced my clients to joy, pulling back the curtains of confusion and conflict, with tailored, practical guidance that puts heart-centered connection in the spotlight.

This creates lives and businesses my clients can be proud of.

Ones that are powerfully magnetic and bursting with momentum.

Ready to become part of the magnetic field?

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