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Seasoned love and relationships coach, thought leader and author. Marina is known for unravelling the complexities of human connections with a refreshing touch of light-heartedness and straight-talking simplicity.

Who collaborates with Marina?

Producers, organizations and events looking to create space for raw yet relatable conversations around love, relationships and fulfilment.


  • Presenting for TV & radio
  • Delivering talks & speeches for conferences and institutes
  • Hosting & co-hosting dedicated love & relationship segments
  • Participating in panel discussions and Q&A sessions on relationships

What does collaborating with Marina look like for YOU?

  • Relevant, well-rounded and genuinely engaging programming
  • Spearheaded by forward-thinking, emotionally intelligent leadership.
  • An engaged, loyal audience who come back time and time again, because they feel genuinely seen and helped.

What does collaborating with Marina look like for YOUR AUDIENCE?

  • A fresh, dynamic perspective on the often-cloudy, complicated space of love & relationships.
  • Meaningful, judgement-free conversations.
  • Relatable, actionable advice, centered around the transformative power of love: the love of self, of others, and romantic love.

Why is Marina right for your next Love & Relationships segment?

1. Expertise and Thought Leadership:

Backed by years of experience, best-in-class training, extensive research and authorship of the recent book ‘Men Need Love Too’, your audience gets switched-on, contextually-aware guidance. There’s no ‘making it up as we go’.

2. Light-hearted Approach:

While intricate topics of love & relationships can be complicated, they don’t have to feel overwhelming. Marina infuses light-heartedness and simplicity into advice, making discussions approachable for everyone. Besides, what’s the point if you can’t laugh along the way!

3. Fresh on-screen talent and vocal charisma:

As an actress and host of ‘The School of Love’ podcast, Marina is well-versed in captivating diverse audiences with a blend of authenticity, charm and genuine warmth. She creates visual and vocal presence that resonates. If you want your audience to not only gain valuable guidance, but also enjoy the experience, that matters.


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